About Nindie Nexus

Welcome to Nindie Nexus!

Nindie Nexus is a site dedicated to the Nintendo Indie scene, we like to call these Nindies. Whether it be via our Nintendo Switch reviews, game opinion articles, or the Nindie Nexus Discord server, you’ll find great information combined with a great community here.

Why We Are Different

Aside from our never-ending supply of charm, wit, and astonishing good looks, we here at Nindie Nexus try to take a more personal approach to our Nintendo Switch Indie review coverage. We reject the idea that you can ever have a truly “objective” review, acknowledging that personal tastes will always influence how we feel about a title. Our unique heart-rating system is a subjective one, reflecting the writer’s personal enjoyment of the game rather than how we would objectively place it on a ten-point review scale. We do this so that our review coverage can be as honest and personal as possible, while also giving you the opportunity to get to know the team through our writing. After all, we’re more than a review site – we’re a community.

Although we all come from different walks of life, there’s one thing that we all share: a common love for the Nintendo Switch Indie (Nindie) scene. Since you’re here, we’d guess you share that, too. You’re going to fit in perfectly.

The Nindie Nexus Team


  • Mikey “MikeySNES” (Founder)
  • Tom “The XvProject”
  • Mike “Froz3nSlack5r”


Past Staff

  • Rob “The4Xplorer” (Co-founder)
  • Renate “redd” (Editorial)
  • Brad “Glide” (Editorial)
  • Samy “pechorin19” (Editorial)
  • Andy “Supirorguy”
  • Derick “Karotonic”
  • Andy “Redrooster555”
  • Fae “kawaiivermin”
  • Ryan “RyanSpartanman”
  • Bobby “cineaste2000”
  • Luke “ajaax013”
  • Amy
  • Bonnie
  • Fernando “FerniWrites”
  • Jack
  • Gerry “Luther Delmordaine”
  • Ryan “Tempest”