The Team

We’re so glad you found us! We’re a site dedicated to the Nintendo Indie (Nindie) scene. We plan on writing all about Nindies, whether it be our opinions on certain trends, opinions on Nintendo’s decisions, reviews, previews, or everything in between!

We’ll also be starting our own YouTube channel, dedicated to showcasing new and upcoming Nindie titles, offering our opinions on those titles, and discussing the joy – and occasional dread – that these titles provide us.

Thanks again for joining us! If you have any suggestions on ways to make this site a better site to enjoy, navigate, or participate with, please let us know!

The Nindie Nexus Staff:


Rob (DevildogFF) – NindieNexus at gmail dot com

  • Founder
  • Website Development

Mikey (MikeySNES) – Mikey at NindieNexus dot net

  • Co-Founder
  • Senior Editor
  • Graphics Design Manager
  • YouTube Co-Manager
  • Reviewer

Tom (The XvProject) – Tom at NindieNexus dot net

  • Social Media Manager
  • YouTube Co-Manager
  • Reviewer

Our Editing Staff:

  • Samy “Kinbotes_Memoir”
  • Brad “Glide”
  • Renate
  • Zeno “Mr. ZNF”

Our Authors:

  • Mike “Nindie Mike”
  • Derick “Karotonic”
  • Zach “SlurmsXMakenzie”
  • Joshua Robinn
  • Pixel
  • Step ‘GhoulEater’
  • Charlie Hare
  • Andy ‘Redrooster555’
  • Fae ‘kawaiivermin’
  • Ryan “Tempest”(Emeritus)
  • Luther Delmordaine (Emeritus)
  • Bobby (Emeritus)
  • Luke (Emeritus)