Our Scoring System

New Review System

Up first we have an empty heart, which will equate to the reviewer not enjoying a game, leaving our poor reviewer with an empty heart:

 Next up is the half heart. This heart indicates our reviewer was indifferent to the game being reviewed, they neither disliked, or liked it. Consider it a “meh”:

If we like the game, the full heart will be used. A full heart means our writer genuinely enjoyed the game they played:

And last but not least, is our new highest prize! The golden heart is awarded to games we truly adore:


love son of a witch

Personal Bios

To further help our readers understand our reviews we will be updating our personal bios to reflect our own preferences. As a result, this will allow you to be able to understand why we have given the heart we have. As well as this, we hope it will foster relationships between readers and writers who both share common loves.

Review Length

Another change is the length of our reviews. From this point, we aim to keep our reviews under 1000 words. Packed with personality, love and keeping them short and sweet. We are all gamers and we want to reflect that through our writing!